Vidya (Pvt.) Industrial Training Institute (VITI)

Uchasiya, Fatehganj East, Faridpur (Bareilly)

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Chairman's Message

Educational Environment of today is far competitive and include lot many things other than the bookish knowledge. Today’s environment is more competitive, requires overall development of personality with social and cultural development. For job opportunities need of vocational training is being felt badly. Today’s educational environment is characterized by powerful forces of change-far reaching & continuing development in education, increasing integration of world’s economies, intense competition with a continuing stream of new players & incumbents fighting to protect their territories, a flurry of new products & services in industry and major social changes all over the world. To meet all these challenges new experiments are also need to be done in education and overall personality development of students to face a new challenging world. VITE has been planned and developed to take care of changed and revised need of students.

About Us

Vidya (Pvt.) Industrial Training Institute (VITI) is set up with an objective to impart quality training and education with overall personality development of Trainees. Objective is to develop the moral values, character, responsibility, responsible citizen and excellent human beings.

VITE is promoted by a Voluntary Organisation namely Vasundhra Vikas Samiti (VVS). VVS is a non-governmental, non-profit making, non-political voluntary organisation (NGO) committed to work for social and cultural up liftment, environmental improvement, health, education and propagation of scientific views. It is a forum of like minded professionals eager to serve the community. VVS is registered under Society Registration Act since 1994.

VITE is started and promoted by a group of like-minded people dedicated to provide quality training and education to all the sections of society irrespective of caste, creed, religion, region or economic status. Overall development of personality i.e. physical, cultural, social and mental development is the thrust of VITE and accordingly the course curriculum shall be developed in corporating all of these features.

The previous years have seen the growth of promoting agency i.e. VVS to grow from a group of persons to a compact team dedicated to facilitating achievement of world class human resource development standards. Previous years saw the VVS consolidate its programmes rather than expand the operational area and develop a team of dedicated and trained manpower for the growth of the VVS. VVS also reoriented by streamlining its work areas and dedicating its efforts for development of human resources and social milieu of the region. The VVS created new divisions for undertaking specific programmes in the areas of Training, Research and need based field programmes.